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Get the Support You Need & Grow Your Online Business.

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Speed matters. Customers expect a fast website. Otherwise, they will leave without buying your products or services. Optimizing your website means more traffic, and more customers coming your way who want to engage. Customized Business Strategies, Content Updates, Design Suggestions, and more. Don't Miss Business Opportunities. Hire the Right Team - A Fast & Reliable Team to Count On.

Improve Website Speed & Performance

Get the most out of website management by delivering timely and relevant content to your customers and prospects, build trust, and get people to engage. Get more traction for your business to maximize performance, reduce bounce rates, and fix issues that indicate a loss of revenue. Get Your Website Optimized Hassle-Free for Speed & Performance at Affordable Packages. Save time and money.

Website Content & SEO Matters to Increase Sales

Not only does speed matter, but so content management. Give your website some TLC. Customers expect to be engaged, and stay engaged. It is important to make sure all updates and content are optimized for traffic. Keep your business relevant, remain an authority with improved search ranking, and optimal performance. Streamline your website issues, get problems solved, reduce overhead costs, and resolve issues quickly.

The Faster Your Website, the Higher you Rank on Google. Position and brand your business to get more customers through your door. ​

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We provide on-going website management solutions, optimized SEO and website speed & performance enhancements, and help tell your story in a way that provides your customers with a user experience that they will engage with.  Our personable consulting team consults with and provides unique tools, online marketing ideas, and technical expertise & execution that allow you to get started and grow your business today seamlessly and quickly. Execution is Key!

Just Because We Are Quarantined, Business Websites Don’t Have to Be.
Offering Website Management Services to Improve Your Performance, Page Speed, and Content of Your Website. 
Get More Customers to Convert, Increase Your ROI, and Better Serve Your Customers.

Client Reviews

EXCEPTIONAL 5.0 5 Star Reviews

Dina S., Dina Saalisi Healing Arts
Dina S., Dina Saalisi Healing ArtsSearch Engine Optimization & Website Management
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Working with Quinn Tech has been amazing! Brittney is attentive to my needs and takes care of business quickly and skillfully. Alex has been encouraging and essential in helping me to develop a website blog, which I didn't feel capable of at the start. I am not a "techie" and they have made this process simple and stress-free. I highly recommend Quinn Tech to anyone wishing to develop a better website and higher web visibility.
Janet H., Widtsoe Foundation
Janet H., Widtsoe FoundationSocial Media Marketing
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Brittney and Alex are pros. They really listen to what the client needs, develop results-oriented creative ideas that work and then put them into motion within days. They developed a complete social media plan for our Foundation, cleaned up all our social media accounts and have connected us with 77,000 new potential followers and friends -- in just weeks. I have worked in the public relations business with companies for 20+ years and Quinn Tech Consultants is at the top.
Romina D., Nurses Touch
Romina D., Nurses TouchWebsite Management
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We searched for weeks to find an SEO company that knew what they were doing in web development and management. They say you have to kiss lots of frogs before finding the team of saviors....the story is true here! Quinn Tech has come through. They designed our website and continue to do a great job at maintaining it. We are in the healthcare business and there are lots of HIPAA compliance issues that need to be considered as far as encryptions etc. They got it all done! Thank you again.
BJ - Abundunz
BJ - AbundunzWebsite Management
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Quinn Tech Consulting helped get my website up and running quickly and with ease. They helped with monthly updates, provided the technical expertise that I didn't have, gave some valuable tips and feedback and provided the structure I needed to get established and validate some ideas. I would recommend them if you need support for your business, to save you time to focus on other things.
Denise Hewitt
Denise HewittProperty Administrator, Citadel Property Group Inc.
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"I highly recommend Brittney and Alex of Quinn Tech! They helped me define my priorities when I was overwhelmed and had no idea in which direction to go. They are open, friendly and available whenever I have a need or a question. We have seen better performance and conversions."
Jonelle Wilhelmson
Jonelle WilhelmsonOwner, Magnolia B&B
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"A friend of mine recommended Quinn Tech Consulting last year and I finally took the opportunity to work with them and get my website optimized. They are fast to respond, reliable, and they offer some creative tips that have helped attract more visitors. I've been looking for professionals who love what they do and it really shows."

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As an entrepreneur, I have always been a self-starter with an active imagination.  I love to find ways to help other women succeed in business.  I like to challenge other women to explore new territories and experiment with new ways of doing things.

My business partner (and husband) and I have teamed up to do just that. 

Our company helps women and businesses thrive with every moment of everyday when it comes to business and how they connect with their audience.  We encourage them to challenge the status quo.  Let us help support your passions, manage your website, and grow your online business with spirit that empowers you to get ahead.

We hope you schedule a meet and greet with us so you can discover how we can team up, & help your business grow!

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Brittney Johnson Quinn

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Personalized care & smart web solutions to improve page load time

When a website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 25% of visitors will have already left. Properly optimize your images and videos.

Boost engagement with speed & content management

The faster your website, the higher you rank on Google. Position and brand your business to get more customers through your door.

Quality website management to decrease bounce rate & Increase Sales

1-3 second load times have a very low bounce rate probability of 32%. Optimize your website speed, website page audit scores, page load time, ongoing website maintenance, updates, & support.

IT services & website hosting for optimal customer satisfaction

A 1 second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. Slow Websites Lose Revenue and Visitors. Fix All Performance & Speed Issues.

Content Optimization & SEO to increase conversions

A 1 second delay decreases conversion rates by 7%. 74% of users will leave a website if it doesn’t load on their phone within 5 seconds. Content that is optimized creates more engagement.

Business consulting to optimize ECommerce & improve business ROI

51% of online customers abandon a purchase if your site is too slow. Manage your website, content, optimization & hosting. Don't fall behind.